FLLinNZ Postcard 7

From 9 to 10 December I attended the Australian Flexible Learning Leaders Sharing Workshop at Coogee Beach, Sydney. For me this was very valuable: not just the content of the presentations but the whole approach to presentation and reporting back on their projects. Many of the leaders used narrative techniques such as metaphor to tell their stories. This got me thinking about my own report back at the FLLinNZ sharing workhop later in 2005.

On 13 December I attended a presentation at AUT of Desire2Learn, a commercial Learning Management System: thanks to Peter Mellow for organising this! Although I’ve mostly focused on open source systems over the last couple of years, it was interesting and worthwhile to see a new competitor to the big players. It will be interesting too to see how the market for these systems develops over the next few years!

My final activity for the year (21 December) was to visit a small private training provider in Rotorua. The provider had a connection with Nga Kiwai Kete, John Delaney’s TEC-funded project, and I met and talked to the staff about how I could assist the development of eLearning in the organisation through mentoring and staff development. For me this was very productive: it was great to have the opportunity to work with a provider where there was little or no existing eLearning involvement but a great desire to get involved!.