FLLinNZ Postcard 5

I’ve just returned from a workshop at Unitec on Digital Storytelling by Alan Levine. I’ve used storytelling in courses for teachers that I have facilitated, so this was a high-interest topic for me. Alan’s institution runs a one-week workshop on digital storytelling.

I was pleased that the session was focussed on the stories themselves, not the technology used. The technology is relatively simple: the final product is a movie incorporating still images with transitions and a voice-over. The first two days of the workshop are focused on writing the stories, then the photos are taken and the voice-over recorded. The stories are put together using iMovie and look rather like the sorts of things done in schools where ITC is integrated into the curriculum.

Most of the examples shown were stories of personal significance to the tellers – I was hoping to see some examples related to specific curriculum areas, and maybe some text-based examples too, but the model was clearly a very successful one and could easily be applied to a subject area.

I really like the way Alan is constantly publishing his thoughts via blog and wiki – the wiki for his NZ visit is well worth a visit and includes notes and links for all the workshops he has run to date. If you get a chance to get to one of Alan’s workshops, they’re highly recommended! He has a lot of knowledge and experience and he’s happy to pass them on.

Alan talked about stories as being
told around the campfire – a nice concept!