FLLinNZ Postcard 3

On 7 October I attended a presentation at AUT by Debbie Soccio, one of the Australian FLLs who is currently in New Zealand – she’ll be attending e-fest from 11 – 12 October. Debbie is with Victoria University in Melbourne and discussed and demonstrated a number of online resources. Several of the sites shown were focused around ESOL, literacy and numeracy.

One site of particular interest to me was one for online moderation for the Certificate in General Education for adults – it provides a database of moderated assessment tasks and a mechanism for submitting tasks for moderation and discussion of assessment and moderation issues. As a complement to face to face moderation meetings this has a lot of potential. URL: http://www.staff.vu.edu.au/cgea/

Another interesting resource was an induction CD-ROM for new students – it was developed in PowerPoint and exported to Director. The development of the project was carried out using a collaborative, action learning approach.

After the presentation, Debbie also interviewed Hasmeeta and me for her research project. A couple of aspects of the way Debbie organised this stood out for me:

  • Debbie used a minidisc recorder of a type I’ve never seen before for recording the interview – rather than the familiar ‘personal music player’ style it seemed to be designed to replace a micro-cassette recorder as it had a built-in microphone. A great idea for interviews!
  • Debbie presented us with a small gift at the end of the interview – much appreciated and a gracious way of acknowledging our time.

So as well as what I learned from the content of our discussion, this was a very useful model for me of how to carry out an interview. Thank you Debbie, and also to Hasmeeta for organising the visit!