FLLinNZ Postcard 2

From 14 to 16 September I attended the NZ Association of Private Education providers’ conference at Te Papa in Wellington. In collaboration with my QED colleague Doug Haynes, I presented two workshops. One of these was entitled Determining the Quality of E-Learning Programmes and reflected our ‘work in progress’ in this area. It was a great opportunity for me to meet up with private providers who were using or planning to use eLearning and compare their needs and approaches with those in the public institutions.

There was a great overlap with my FLLinNZ goals and I’m sure I’ll be visiting and talking in-depth with some of these contacts later in the year.

On 24 September I attended a University of Auckland workshop presented by Paula Hodgson and Carmel McNaught of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. They reported on a collaborative project involving three Hong Kong universities to develop effective eLearning. The e3learning project has a strong developmental focus which seemed very sound – a systematic ‘action research’ process incorporating thorough evaluation. The developmental model they presented will be really useful to me in facilitating change in my own organisation and beyond. It was also great to catch up with Lyn along with other contacts within the eLearning world!

A change of plans for me has been brought about by my leadership mentor pulling out of our professional relationship due to pressure of work. I have had an interest in peer mentoring for some time, so Bronwyn and I have agreed to initiate a peer mentoring relationship online. I feel this has a lot of potential for developing my own practice and will be a useful area to explore for working with others.