Tweetdeck problem with Greek text

It seems that the latest version of Tweetdeck (0.30.3) for the Mac does not appear to work properly with Greek characters. I have a simple ‘Greek verb of the day’ service set up using the Twitter API. It automatically posts an entry each day from a database of 1400 Greek verbs, including the three main tenses and with a translation in English.

In Seesmic Desktop or a browser it appears correctly:


But in Tweetdeck all Greek words are replaced with a ‘pi’ symbol (∏) like this:

Tweetdeck in Greek

Trying to diagnose the problem, I found when using Tweetdeck to compose an update that Greek characters are not recognised at all. That is, you can’t type anything on the keyboard when in Greek text entry mode: this is most unusual for a Mac application. It’s not a problem with AIR as Seesmic desktop seems to handle Greek characters perfectly well.

Whether this is a problem with all non-English characters sets I don’t know: this needs some further investigation. But anyone wanting to use Twitter for language teaching and learning will need to check whether it works with Tweetdeck. If you use the Twitter API to send automated updates, check that these are readable in Tweetdeck. And check that students can use Tweetdeck to post updates. I’ll be posting a note on my rimata homepage advising users that the ‘verb of the day’ may not be accessible using Tweetdeck on the Mac.

9 thoughts on “Tweetdeck problem with Greek text

  1. Mo

    I have the same problem, after updating to 0.30.3 on my iMac the Persian tweets are not shown correctly. Anyone knows of a fix by any chance?
    P.S. the Windows version still works fine!

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  3. Phlegyas

    I know this is an older post but since I’m not seeing any solution posted herein, I thought I should say that in the settings there’s a “Colors/Font” option that has a section called “TweetDeck Font” and therein exists a couple of radio buttons. If you move the radio button from the “Original Font” to the “International Font / Twitterkey” you will be able to send and receive tweets in Greek and in other languages as well :)

    Hope this helps.
    You can also find all of the above in my blog:

    1. Paul Left Post author

      That’s a good tip, thank you! It doesn’t seem very convenient having to do this each time you want to swap languages, however – surely Tweetdeck’s authors will want to change this?

      Thanks again…

  4. Taher El-Shafei

    I can’t find a way to make this work with Arabic script!!! Allowing the international font option makes the characters appear in a weird way….

  5. @john01one

    I am a Greek myself and I had the same problem on win7. It’s simple, If it is the same on Mac, just go to “Settings” then “colors/font” and at “TweetDeck Font” click “International Font/Twitterkey”


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