Twitter not so mobile in NZ

Twitter birdI’ve been keen to use Twitter with devices such as my mobile phone – it’s not that I’m a Twitter addict, but I do need to demo this to participants in my professional development courses as part of a broader discussion of learning technology. But until recently this hasn’t been properly supported by Telecom, my provider here in New Zealand. What was most disturbing was that there was no mention of web 2.0 tools such as Twitter on the Telecom website, and no prospect that it would be supported in future.

So I was pleased recently to see that a local number to access Twitter was now available in New Zealand. But the local number has made no difference – it seems Telecom support for Twitter is still not available for the majority of customers. And although I was pleasantly surprised to see a simple help sheet on the Telecom site on how to set up Twitter access, it’s unclear who can and who can’t access Twitter.

The New Zealand government recently announced major spending on broadband infrastructure to enable high-speed access. But how will education be able to plan for effective use of emerging technologies if network providers are slow to acknowledge these technologies exist, provide patchy support and fail to communicate with customers? If we are to implement sustainable changes in using technology in education, we need reliable, open and consistent access to networks.

3 thoughts on “Twitter not so mobile in NZ

  1. Paul Left Post author

    Telecom’s website is very unclear and its front line staff don’t seem to know what Twitter is or how to access it.

    But persisting with their help line has clarified the situation: Telecom is definitely making access to the local Twitter number available only on its new network. So existing Telecom customers won’t be able to use Twitter with their mobile unless they ditch their old handset or move to one of Telecom’s competitors.

  2. Paul Left Post author

    I believe it’s to do with the network, not the handset: if you’re on the XT network, it should work. If you’re on the old network, it won’t.

    My impression is that it could easily work on the old network, they just don’t want to add any features so that people will be ‘encouraged’ to move to the new one.


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