Validation problem with Feedburner email subscription

In an earlier post I described a problem with HTML validation of a WordPress site when inserting links using the WYSIWYG editor.

I recently enabled email subscription on my site and inserted Feedburner’s code on my front page. Now I find this too causes a validation error – doesn’t like the ampersand character (&) in the subscription link code:

The suggested fix is to replace the ampersand with & but unfortunately WordPress promptly turns this back into an ampersand, so it still won’t validate.

The work-around is to remove the &loc=XYZ entirely from the end of the URL – Feedburner doesn’t seem to mind. I guess the problem is that this will default to an English language subscription form at Feedburner… perhaps another example of how English language is dominant in the online world!

Maybe I need to stop worrying so much about validation and just pretend it doesn’t matter…

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