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Customising the WordPress greeting

brueghel-tower-of-babelOne thing that seems to bother quite a few WordPress users who live out here on the fringes of the civilised world is the greeting in the headers of admin pages: for some reason, ‘Howdy, Paul Left’ seems out of place. Apparently, the greeting is justified because WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg is from Texas. It’s never bothered me too much, but it does seem to bother some users. Perhaps it’s tied up with the sense of annoyance that many users feel in relation to the dominance of English on the web. Certainly, educational users of WordPress (such as teachers incorporating blogging into their courses) might want to customise the software to include a greeting more culturally familiar to their students.

The trouble is, the greeting cannot be changed in the settings as it’s hard-coded into the WordPress source code. It used to be fairly easy to change this text by editing the code, but a couple of versions ago the File Editor was removed from WordPress, along with the ability to edit WordPress code from the admin page. As far as I know the only way to do this now is to edit the code using FTP. If you need to do this, you’ll need FTP access to the WordPress server. These steps work with Fetch on a Mac, but should apply pretty well to other platforms and FTP clients:

  1. Using the FTP client, go to the folder ‘wp-admin’ and locate the file ‘admin-header.php’
  2. To be safe, take a copy of this file by downloading it (‘get’) and saving to your hard disk.
  3. Right-click on the file name and choose ‘Edit’. This should download the file and open it in a text-editor
  4. Find the text ‘Howdy’ and replace it with the desired greeting. For example, here in New Zealand I changed the greeting to ‘Kia ora’. In WordPress 2.7.1 this should be in line 108.
  5. Do not change any other text in the file, just that one word! If you make a mistake, use undo to put it back the way it was, and do not save it back to the server unless you are absolutely sure you have made the correct change.
  6. Try reloading the admin page – hopefully you will see your new greeting. If not, and you’re not sure how to fix it, you will have to undo what you’ve done. This is where the backup of the file you downloaded in step 2 will be handy :-)

By the way, there’s no easy way to include non-English characters using this method: while WordPress can display text such as Καλή μέρα in a post, it can’t easily be included in the source code. There are ways to include such characters but that’s beyond the scope of this post.

Disclaimer: this worked for me, but editing source code is risky and a mistake can render your site unusable. Please be careful – I accept no responsibility for anything going wrong!

Image: Brueghel’s Tower of Babel