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A bug in bing.com?

The beta version of bing. com, Microsoft’s new search engine, looks fast but it does seem to have a bug in handling language settings in the preferences.

When I first went to the bing site, it quite naturally provided radio buttons to either search the whole web or just in New Zealand. Very sensible.

However, when I went into my preferences and chose to search only in English and Greek, it seems to have decided I’m in Greece and forgotten I’m in New Zealand:

bing search box

I fixed this by deleting the two bing cookies _FS and _FP in my Safari preferences. So far the faulty setting has not reappeared, so perhaps it only happens when creating a new set of preferences. I’ve since found when I change the search settings this also rewrites the cookies so it is easy to correct.

Another sign that there is some slight confusion between location and language comes when you set the search for Greece and the interface language changes to Greek. You can then change the interface language back to English but this is not properly handled – eg clicking on ‘Help’ or ‘Legal’ results in a page of Greek text and no option to view it in English.