Managing and publishing lists using Undone

I’ve recently been looking for a simple way to manage a list of my current projects and then provide a feed onto my blog. This would then let me keep an eye on where projects are up to, but also let me publish a list of my professional activities and let others know about the sorts of projects I’m involved with.

I tried Twitter but soon found it not ideally suited – it’s not easy to manage and edit Twitter posts, plus the whole social aspect got in the way somewhat! I really wanted something which would let me:

  • categorise and organise lists
  • change my mind and re-organise items
  • publish an RSS feed of list items


Now I’ve rediscovered Undone, a free online productivity tool which lets you manage your ‘to do’ lists and the bigger projects that they belong to.The great thing is that the author has now added widgets so I can publish my lists to my website. And the widget code relies on HTML, so should work in places where Javascript is not allowed. For example, here’s my Undone widget:

This widget shows up to 8 of the most recent items, and clicking on any item links to my Undone project page. There’s no way as yet to style the widget output using css, but that’s okay for me – the default output seems clean, clear and readable.

A tool for learners?

Undone provides a simple, work-focused tool for managing projects and actions. I can’t help feeling that’s something most learning management systems (LMS) lack, and something which could be a useful part of any personal learning environment (PLE). So I’m interested in a bit more investigation into how a tool like Undone could support learning. Maybe that’s something I need to add to my own to-do list…

2 thoughts on “Managing and publishing lists using Undone

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  2. Paul Left Post author

    Undone now supports gravatars (why don’t more online tools do this?) and packages, portable collections of tasks or projects you can share with others. I’m looking forward to playing with the new packages feature: I’m sure it could be useful in a teaching and learning context.


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