Assessing student collaboration using a wiki

wiki matrixIn Wiki experiences in the classroom, Megan Poore provides an interesting anecdotal summary of one teacher’s experience with using a wiki as a tool for student collaboration on an assessment task.

One problem experienced was that students didn’t really collaborate: they tended to work in isolation from each other even though they were instructed to work in pairs: The idea was to have students use the medium as it’s meant to be used: as a collaboration space for students to build their understanding of the topic. But the fact that students did their work separately from each other, in Word, annulled the value of the wiki as a collaborative tool.

Admittedly, we don’t know the full story behind this report. But I believe this issue sometimes arises because of an assumption that the wiki is by nature collaborative. In fact, collaboration is more of an affordance of wikis rather than an attribute. An affordance provides the potential and possibility for collaboration but it does not occur automatically.

Students will choose their own ways of learning whatever the chosen tool. So if how they complete an assessment task is important, we will need to set requirements around this. It is relatively easy to establish a requirement to use a wiki: we just need to specify that that is the format in which it is submitted. However, if we want to set a requirement for collaboration, we will need to include that in the assessment criteria. And since collaboration is part of the learning process, we will need to be clear on what evidence would be available so we could assess it.

I enjoy using wikis as a learning activity and I like to incorporate their use into assessment where appropriate. But assessing student collaboration using a wiki can be complex and requires some major rethinking of the assessment processes.

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