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The Learner Perspective Workbook is an Android app based on the PDF resource of the same name which is included in the eLearning Guidelines. The Guidelines (eLG) are a comprehensive resource developed under the auspices of Ako Aotearoa and which are founded on a significant review of the literature.


The original PDF resource would normally require the file to be printed and notes to be hand-written on the paper copy. The Android app is intended to allow the user to record notes directly into an Android device: since the notes are in digital format they can more easily be incorporated into a report or distributed via the web or email without further retyping. Using a digital format for the notes seems appropriate given the resource’s focus on eLearning.

The original 28 prompts have been given some minor rewriting, mainly in order to make them more open questions. For example the original prompt LD 1: Do learners have opportunities to be involved in eLearning content, resources and assessment development? has been rewritten as What opportunities do learners have to be involved in developing eLearning content, resources and assessment?

Read more about the rationale for encouraging reflective practice through open questions.


From the initial screen, the user can choose one of the three key areas into which the 28 prompts or questions are grouped.

When viewing a prompt question, the user can:

  • Enter a text response. This could take the form of a review of current practice (in relation to one or more courses), evidence of current good practice, or initial planning for changes to practice.
  • Navigate forward and backward through the prompts. Changes to the text are automatically saved in the app’s database as the user leaves a page.
  • Save all the text in the workbook as a text file to the Android device’s SD card so that the text can be used in other applications or shared with others. The text file will be named LPW-workbook-notes-XXX.txt,  where XXX represents a unique identifier based on the current date and time (this allows multiple versions to be saved to the SD card). There is also an option to Save and Clear which will delete all the text from the database once it has been saved to the text file.


Editing a response:



  1. Ensure that you have enabled ‘Unknown Sources’ in your device’s Security settings.
  2. Download the LearnerPerspectiveWorkbook.apk file from http://tinyurl.com/verso-apps to your Android device.
  3.  If the app does not automatically install, open the Downloads folder and tap the file to install it.

Future development

  • Additional options for sharing and exporting the responses.
  • Extending the scope of the app to include other dimensions of the eLG.
  • Interface enhancements.

Suggestions, comments or questions about this app are welcome: leave a comment below or send email via the contact page.


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