Moodle course evaluation

Would you like some feedback on your Moodle course? Each month I offer to carry out one free evaluation of a Moodle* course and provide a brief report on its effectiveness. Preference is given to courses run by publicly-funded institutions and not-for-profit organisations, but others will be considered.

Why? Because this is one way I can contribute back to the wider education community. The process is not a ‘stamp of approval’ but is intended to be helpful in the further development of the course.  All inquiries and evaluation reports are strictly confidential.

If you’re interested, contact me explaining how you think an evaluation of your course would be of benefit. There is no guarantee that your request for a free evaluation will be approved. If approved, you will need to provide me with login access (as a student) to the course in question.

* Courses based on other learning management systems will be considered, but preference will be given to Moodle and other open source systems.

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