Flexible Learning Leaders in New Zealand

Nola Campbell had a vision: a network of flexible learning leaders who share their expertise with their organisations and the tertiary sector, taking the New Zealand e-learning community into the 21st century. She had seen it work in Australia, and she worked to make it happen in New Zealand. The result was FLLinNZ – Flexible Learning Leaders in New Zealand.

In 2004 and 2005, 30 Flexible Learning Leaders received FLLinNZ awards. These scholarships resulted in a broad range of personalised professional development activities. Leaders were drawn from all types of tertiary education organisations, from a wide range of specialised fields, and included practitioners, designers, researchers, and managers.

For the final year of the FLLinNZ project (2006–2007), the goals were changed to focus on sharing the knowledge and experience of the individual FLLs. This project resulted in FLiNZ, an active community of practice that reached out well beyond the core group.

The Flexible Learning Leaders

Hannah Pia Baral
Stephen Bright
Derek Chirnside
Judy Duncan
Irina Elgort
John Eyles
Stanley Frielick
Cathy Gunn
Stephen Harlow
Bronwyn Hegarty
Kate Hunt
Paul Left
Terry Marler
Teri McLelland
Peter Mellow
Rosina Merry
Maurice Moore
Terry Neal
Mark Nichols
Mark Northover
Nicki Page
Merrolee Penman
Nicoletta Rata
Philip Roy
Marica Sevelj
Hasmeeta Shukla
Lyn Williams
Amy Wilson

The former Flexible Learning Leaders site at www.flinz.ac.nz no longer exists and is now redirected here. Please update your bookmarks.

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