This page provides an overview of my activities as part of the e-Learning Community Co-ordinators project,  a professional development initiative at Unitec Institute of Technology.

12 May 2010

Met with the Department of Education post-graduate programmes team to identify elearning needs and professional development strategies.

23 June 2010

Facilitated a 1.5 hour face to face Intro to Moodle workshop in computer lab with post-graduate teaching team.

5 August 2010

Facilitated a 2 hour face to face seminar for Department of Education staff on Social constructivism and Moodle.

10 October 2010

Facilitated a 1 hour face to face discussion with post-graduate teaching team on Planning for 2001.

February 2011

Moodle course templateWe now have a simple Moodle template that is easily re-usable and customisable. All new courses in the post-graduate area will use this template as a starting-point.

Lecturers will be encouraged to consider external tools such as wikis, blogs and social network tools to complement the resources and activities within Moodle. For most lecturers, Moodle is a substantial first step and the incorporation of external tools is likely to be appropriate from 2012.


Metacourse structure

In a series of planning meetings we have developed a structure of meta-courses to avoid unnecessary duplication of resources and activities across individual courses, and to encourage interaction between participants in all courses in a programme. Many courses will have two meta-courses.

Presentation slides



  • One to one support for staff on e-learning, including:
    • planning and design of e-learning activities and resources
    • using Moodle to support learning community approaches
    • using blogging software for learner-generated content and reflective assessment
  • Online support through Moodle presence.
  • Distributing copies of useful resources: eg Joyce Seitzinger’s Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers
  • Liaising with TPA and other Unitec e-learning advisors re e-learning development
  • Keeping staff up to date with Unitec e-learning developments via meetings and Moodle presence
  • Developing a Moodle template for new post-graduate Education courses

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Another thriving community at Unitec is the large colony of pukeko or swamp-hens. Image by John Gerrard Keulemans

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